Welcome to our round table! Each participant writes one blog post about his or her experiences with distributing scientific software. You are invited to post. More information here.


What now?

This blog was hardly a success (though thanks to those who did post!). Quite a few people said they wanted to post and quite a few more read the blog (800 page views). So at least it's obvious there's a lot of interest in this subject.

What now? Ideas? (Beyond just giving up...)
  •  If you really did intend to put aside time to make a post, please do it now. Don't worry too much about quality at this point... in particular those who sent me emails in private, feel free to just dump them to the blog. 
  • We could announce a migration to a mailing list (python-hpc? Or a new Google group?) and promise to keep each other posted on our individual efforts there. Though I'm not sure whether starting a mailing list is really easier than a blog, many mailing lists die out too. 
  • I did throw out the idea of a Skype meeting. If anyone would prefer that please say so. Probably more time-consuming overall than getting the blog to work, but perhaps more comfortable and easier to get people to commit... 

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